First EP 'The Bond"

1. The Bond
2. Monochrome
3. The Moon And The Sun
4. Foggy Mind
5. Last Coffee

produced by
Yujin Amano
all songs written and performed by
Yujin Amano
with exceptions:
Rozhan Razman on bass (track 4)
Takuma Anzai on drums (track 4)
recorded & mixed by
Rozhan Razman
mixed & mastered by
Keita Joko

AVAILABLE on 9/23/2016



download at / または以下のサイトで配信中!

"The Bond" is Tokyo based singer/songwriter and progressive blues guitarist, Yujin Amano's first EP. The album draws on the energy of a deeply emotional journey from life in New York to a new life in Tokyo. "The Bond" inspires us with the tender sweetness and madness of a personal global transition.

東京育ち、ニューヨーク帰りのソングライター・ギタリスト、Yujin Amano/天野有人、待望のファーストミニアルバム。

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